Passel Estate is formally recognised for sustainable winegrowing


Passel Estate is formally recognised for sustainable winegrowing

It was love at first sight in 2011 when Wendy and Barry Stimpson set eyes on the special place that is now known as Passel Estate.

Passionate about fine wine, Wendy and Barry had a shared dream of owning a vineyard and making environmentally sustainable premium wine. Purchasing this pristine parcel of land in Australia’s South West provided the perfect location for the realisation of this dream.

Positioned in the heart of the world-renowned Margaret River Wine Region, the property features mature vineyards, which were planted almost 30 years ago, and the Stimpsons have since planted additional vineyards.

“We have always been rigorous in managing our vineyards at Passel Estate in an environmentally sustainable way under the expert guidance of our veteran viticulturist, Andy Ferreira” says Wendy.

Passel Estate has now received formal recognition for our sustainable practices, through official certification by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

Margaret River’s Mediterranean climate and maritime influence provide optimal growing conditions for sustainable viticulture, and the vines at Passel Estate consistently yield first-class fruit for the sustainable production of fine wine.

“Rich soils and reliable rainfall during winter nourish the deep roots of our mature vines, while the region’s consistent summer sunshine and cooling sea breezes provide ideal conditions for ripening” says Barry.

Water management is an important part of sustainable viticulture, and Passel Estate’s two dams provide water for occasional irrigation of the vines, and a rain water tank services the Tasting Room.

During winter, we invite local farmers to agist sheep in the vineyard, as grazing reduces the need for slashing and spraying to control under vine growth. Sheep keep the vineyard tidy and improve the soil by fertilising as they forage.

Bees also play a key role in nurturing a sustainable vineyard ecosystem, as they pollinate vineyard cover crops, which are vital for healthy vines and help with the soil’s microbe. Bees are made welcome at Passel Estate with strategically placed bee hives around the property, close to the vineyards.

The honey is hand harvested and sold in our Tasting Room to raise funds for ongoing conservation efforts at the estate, such as revegetation of the bushland areas to strengthen the natural habitat for the Western Ringtail Possums we have rehabilitated and improve the property’s biodiversity.

When you purchase Passel Estate wine, you are supporting a family-owned estate committed to producing premium wine in an environmentally sustainable way and supporting wildlife conservation.

Thank you for your support.


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