An orphaned baby Western Ringtail Possum is being cared for ready for release into the bushland sanctuary at Passel Estate.

Conservation Update: Edna the Western Ringtail Possum

Meet Edna, a critically endangered, baby Western Ringtail Possum who was found separated from her mother by F.A.W.N.A. and is now in the loving foster care of our Tasting Room Manager, Sandy Wilson.

Sandy ensures that Edna gets to pick her way through plenty of fresh peppermint eucalyptus leaves alongside a dish of marsupial formula milk twice a day.  During the night this little nocturnal creature can be heard softly swishing through the peppermint leaves and climbing the thick fallen branches that have been placed in her spacious box, to aid her rehabilitation and preparation for release back into the wild.  As day breaks, Edna crawls back into the safety and warmth of her little pouch, hand sewn for her by Sandy.

Weighing in at nearly 300 grams, it will not be long before Edna will be big and strong enough for safe release into the bushland sanctuary at Passel Estate, where our self-guided nature walk will also soon be open for visitors to the Tasting Room.


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