Taste Wine Like a Pro in Margaret River

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro in Margaret River

We shared some tips recently with the friendly people at the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association on how visitors to the region can get the most out of their wine tasting experience when visiting winery cellar doors in Margaret River.

Learning a little from the experts in a relaxed and beautiful setting is always a good idea”, says Max Brearley in his story for “Not only will you get the gist of wine-talk in no-time, their passion and knowledge will have you connecting deeper with the intent behind the wines and its provenance.”

Passel Estate’s Provenance Unearthed showcases our quintessential Margaret River wines alongside premium wines from other renowned Australian wine regions to demonstrate how location, climate and winemaking techniques influence the taste of the wine produced.

Passel Estate’s Head Winemaker, Bruce Dukes believes that when you taste wine “it should take you to its terroir. Terroir is about the people, not just the climate and the soil; it’s also about the intent of the viticulturists and the winemakers.

Passel Estate wines are pure expressions of their provenance; they are representative of the precise location in which the fruit is grown and the winemaking philosophy behind how we nurture the vines and produce the wine.  Vines planted here thrive in the ancient gravelly loams in which they grow and are sustained by the region’s Mediterranean climate.

Margaret River wines are internationally renowned for their fruit purity, elegance, structure and consistency. The guided comparative wine tasting experience will have you discover and learn the region’s defining stylistic differences, all while tasting superb wines from renowned Australian wine regions.

All of the wines in the Provenance Unearthed tasting experience are exceptional; they are strong expressions of their classic regionality and terroir,” confirms Passel Estate owner, Wendy Stimpson.

Provenance Unearthed participants taste Passel Estate Shiraz, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon alongside quality examples of the same varietals from other celebrated wine regions in Australia, to compare and contrast the stylistic differences and impact of their terroir.

This guided comparative wine tasting experience is a relaxed and enjoyable way to further your wine knowledge and appreciation, while tasting 6 superb wines in the beautiful surrounds of the estate.

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