A rare, masked owl has been spotted in the vicinity of our bushland sanctuary, and we are stepping up monitoring activities to survey our passel of Western Ringtail Possum.

Environmental Celebration

A rare, masked owl has been spotted in the vicinity of our bushland sanctuary (spotted and photographed by Steve Castan of Margaret River Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MRCCI) and Dr Boyd Wykes, of Nature Conservation who are privately surveying this enigmatic, and quite stunning creature).

Our continuing efforts to irrigate, re-vegetate and expand the sanctuary should prove advantageous to our passel of Western Ringtail Possums. The increased canopy cover will afford better camouflage and protection against their natural predators. Our Tasting Room and Vineyard staff are also stepping up monitoring activities at Passel Estate (and elsewhere in the region) with night walks and camera support to survey these delightful, yet critically endangered creatures.

We are also pleased to be one of the sponsors of the MRCCI’s Annual Environment Celebration on 20th September. Members will be enjoying the Passel Estate Chardonnay and Passel Estate Shiraz at a complimentary Sundowner while learning about the environmental programmes in the region and how they can support them. Guests from Passel Estate may register here to attend.


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