Our new vintage Chardonnay makes her grand entrance

Introducing our delightful spring debutante: Passel Estate 2019 Chardonnay!

As the sun shines upon our verdant spring vines, our new vintage Chardonnay makes her grand entrance to our Tasting Room this weekend adorned with a coveted silver medal from the recent Decanter World Wine Awards.

Chardonnay is the Queen of Margaret River wines, and our 2019 vintage is an excellent expression of this renowned varietal.  According to Passel Estate’s senior winemaker, Remi Guise, our 2019 wines can be summed up as aromatic, fine and of exceptional length.

A wet winter in 2018 set the soils up for a great season, yet yields were lower than usual after a cool and wet spring. A relatively cool start to summer, which continued into the growing season, meant very slow and gradual ripening of the fruit, allowing for better acid retention, preservation of aromatics and overall finer tannin and texture.  Our white grapes were harvested three to four weeks later than usual, displaying amazing fruit purity and floral notes.

Our aromatic 2019 Passel Estate Chardonnay is a concentrated offering of yellow peaches, toasted cashews and cinnamon to start.  The palate enters poised yet coating, boasting voluminous fruit intensity and pristine acidity and drive. A finish of sea-spray, crushed granite and slate bring balance to an otherwise rich olfactory experience.

Passel Estate is known for producing small quantities of exceptional quality single-vineyard wines and the 2019 production is even smaller than previous years. Limited production of this aromatic fine wine means it is certainly one to be treasured.

Our 2019 Passel Estate Chardonnay is perfect for drinking right now, though it will continue to mature with more time in bottle for those who would like to enjoy the benefits of cellaring… However, given the rarity of this beautiful vintage, we cannot imagine that many bottles will spend long in the cellar!

We invite you to visit our Tasting Room in Margaret River to sample our new 2019 Passel Estate Chardonnay.

Spring is the perfect time to sit down upon a picnic blanket on the lawn in the sunshine to enjoy a glass of our fragrant Chardonnay alongside a farmhouse fresh cheese platter.

If you decide to include a cheese pairing experience with your wine tasting, we are currently pairing our Chardonnay with Cambray’s Camembert; a creamy, soft sheep’s milk cheese which complements it to perfection.

Alternatively, perhaps you’d like to taste our wines alongside custom-made chocolate encased bon bons in our wine and food pairing sensory journey? Our master chocolatier is currently in the process of fine-tuning a new bon bon to accompany our 2019 Chardonnay to ensure it continues to be a perfect match!

Whichever way you choose to enjoy our 2019 Passel Estate Chardonnay, we would love you to tag @passelestate in your Facebook and Instagram posts.



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